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I*ll list the items below, comment if you want me to describe it better. The prices are if you want to buy it, if you wanna swap just let me know what you have and we will talk a/b it! :)

*Lancome Rouge absolu creme lipstick in Amber Spice, a garnet redish color with tiny gold sparkles, only tested once. $3.00
*silver eyelash curler, I don*t know the brand (was a gift) only used once. $1.50
*Revlon New Complexion corrective powder, oil free, "even out"- only tested once, its a yellowish sheer powder designed to make skin tone more even. compact is a little scratched from being in my makeup case. $2.00
*Maybelline Wet Shine lipstick in pink-a-boo, 75% remains, a light shimmery pink $1.50
*Almay one coat lip creams in Innocense, used 2x, a light pink with subtle shimmer, very cremy and smooth $2.00
*Beautique lip crayon in Dusk, a mauvey color, used 3x, $1.00
*Estee Lauder Go Pout Lipstick in go-go gold, i love this color just not on me, its a gold shimmer that looks awesome with a tan. only used a few times. $4.50
*Revlon pucker up lipgloss in Island Girl Mango, clear, thick mango flavored gloss. used 1x. $2.00
*JANE shine language lipgloss in girl talk, 90% remains, a thick frosty pink, i think it smells like frosting. package is scratched from my bag a bit. $1.00
Bonne Bell cosmic cheeks, raspberry scented glitter, .33 oz. brand new. $1.00
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