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Hey guys, trying to make a little money, so here are some items I still have laying around doing nothing!! Pictures available. Prefer to SELL right now, sorry.

*NEW* Clinique Longstemmed Lashes Mascara in Black. $4.00
Revlon Wet/Dry Eyeliner; Blackest Black $2.00
Neon green make up brush set with stand. 5 brushes. $2.00
Avon Glazewear in Peachy (maude-color) $2.00
Almay One Coat Lip Shine in Petal (shimmery pink) $2.00
Scented glitter gloss in Strawberry Slush - 50% left. $0.50
Wet N' Wild Eye Shadow palette in Suedes (4 colors + 2 brushes) Never used, case is cracked. No damage to shadows. $2.50
Naturistics 1.0 oz. Body Glitter Pink confetti. New. $1.00
Red Clinique make-up bag with strawberry design. $4.00
Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Crystal Clear, tested 2x. $2.00
I also have a ton of AZIZA II lip glosses with the mirrors on them, $2.00 each.

Shipping anywhere from a stamp to $2.00 depending on your location and what you want. I prefer paypal, but will accept money orders (no int'l) and US/Canadian cash. Thanks.
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Avon Glazewear in Peachy (maude-color) $2.00
Is this lipgloss?? If not I am interested. :)

*NEW* Clinique Longstemmed Lashes Mascara in Black. $4.00

If this is brand new, never used I am interested. I have sensitive eyes and I have reactions even from sharing with my friends. No offense intended. :)

Let me know!

:) Thank you :)

I don't wear mascara, so it's brand new, never used. The avon glazewear is...liquid lip color :D
is it peachy or peach fizz? i cant find peachy!
wow this is my old deleted lj, hah. its peachy :)
If you have any I will buy what you have. Contact tomkellogg2557 at yahoo.
I know this is years old, but just in case. If you have any Lustrous Lavender lipgloss, I will buy it all. Email me at contest@butididit.com or call 647-882-2376. Serious offer.