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i am new~!

so please be gentle ;D

my mother bought me a Delux Beauty: Carry Beauty Along Case i have very tan skin so some of the colors were not flattering. so here are some of the items for trade/sale/whatever works!

* Eye Concealer in STEEL BLUE- never used, looks like a metallic blue. cute lil container, clear w/ black lid. very purse friendly~!
*Lipgloss in TOO PINK- tried it once, the name says it all, its a hot pink, clear container w/ black lid, also fits great in pockets, purses, you name it~!
*Lipgloss in SCANDALOUS-tried it once, its a flashy red, same as container above.
*Eyeshadow in MANGO- never used, its a deep orange color ( thus the reason its name is mango! ) black container w/clear top. small and portable.
*Eyeshadow in NUDE- tried it once, a light tannish color that when applied is well nude lol. same container as above.
*Eyeshadow in DREAM- never used, its a dark denim looking eyeshadow, very blue! same container as above.
*Eyeshadow in BLISSFUL- never used, its a shimmery pink, same container as above.
*Eyeshadow in PERFECTION- never used, its a light blue, same container as above.

i am new to this so i HOPE i did it right. it anyone is interested please comment with what you have to offer ;D have a good one!
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