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Hi I just joined this club. :) I am trying to help my mom out, she is selling Avon, new to it actually, and I thought that I would join here and ask if anyone would be interested in receiving some Avon magazines?
Please email me @ and let me know, I will send you our newest campaign in mail if you'd like. :)

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That's great! There is already an Avon rep. here. Go for it though!! Next Time please ask if there is a rep. in the community first. Thanks
Oh I'm sorry about that. I didn't even think about it, sorry.
were you speaking of me? :)
why yes i was! it is rude and unprofessional to order from more than one rep. it is after all a business.
aww your a good girl:) looking out for me:)
Oh I suppose it's also a monopoly.
I think this sounds a bit odd.. lj is not about sales monopolies and if one is doing it why cant the other? I'd think people can decide for themselves who they want to be in contact with, no need for monopolies.
does it matter how far away you live?
um, as long as it's in the US or Canada, most probably would be mailing the stuff to you, should you order anything, and so there will be a shipping fee, but we can always find that out and let you know. :)
But sending you the Avon book is free of course.
can you e-mail me and I'll give you my address? Thanks.
sure thing. Thanks! :)
are they free?!
yes, to send you a campaign magazine is free. :)
i would take one, but my mom sells it =D sorry! good luck w/it though!
that's really nice of you to help your mom was mentioning to me that she may be intrested in looking at some some and even can i get a magazine for her???
Thanks :) I really hope I can help her out a little, she's just getting started. If you want at magazine, you can email me your address and I will send the latest campaign. Thanks very much :)
gracias... i just sent you an email....